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Welcome to the official website of Int Auto Parts Velissaris, the leading company in the auto parts industry. With over 25 years of presence, we offer a vast range of parts for all vehicles, meeting your every need.

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We offer comprehensive services in the auto parts industry with high-quality products.


We select the best products to ensure the performance and safety of your car.


Modern equipment, highly trained staff, and an excellent working environment.

A Few Words About Us

Int Auto Parts Velissaris AEEVA started its significant journey in 1995, following the merger of a peer company and a sole proprietorship that had been actively operating in the automotive industry since 1977. Based in Astros Kynourias in the Arcadia Prefecture, with a branch located in Argos.

From its inception, the company focused on trading automotive parts and fluids, with its core being car movement and maintenance. Through continuous investments in research and development, it successfully managed to cover all the basic categories of parts that make up the automotive world.

The dynamic growth of the company began in 1998 when it expanded into new markets and offered a comprehensive range of products, covering every aspect of the car. From the frame to the wheels, the electrical system, and accessories, Int Auto Parts Velissaris maintains its promise of high quality and competitive prices.

In our online store, we provide access to a wide range of products, such as batteries, filters, lubricants, brake pads, discs, shock absorbers, and much more, all at competitive prices.

With the support of our customers and our commitment to continuous improvement, Int Auto Parts Velissaris continues to meet the needs of the industry, offering reliability, high-quality service, and guaranteed results.

We thank you for your trust as we continue to move towards success, creating a tradition of reliability and excellence in the world of automotive parts.

Int Auto Parts


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